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Download the coolest addons for you msn messenger!, Auto respond with a msn bot, run multiple instances of msn, download the latest version of messenger, etc.. Find it out in this large collection of msn downloads. Please don't forget to bookmark this site as it is updated frequently.

items: (46)
 msn addons
Extend your msn messenger with these addons
items: (7)
 msn bots
Not always in front of your computer? no problem, enable auto-reply messages with a msn bot.
items: (0)
 msn messenger clients
Get the latest or previous versions of msn messenger here.
items: (6)
 msn patches
Various patches for msn messenger. Beware of this because it can have unpleasant effects.
items: (1)
 msn various
Miscellaneous msn downloads that can't be categorized.
items: (1)
 multi msn
Run multiple instances of messenger with these tools.

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