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name: Ultimate MSN Flooder v1.0
rating:   2.37 / 5
description: I dont know how to use timers, so i just used sendkeys again, but sendkeys are great since each new line you start with SHIFT and ENTER is a new message.

If you just keep typing untill you get all the way across the text box, and it automaticly starts a newline, that will be just one message, if you start a new line by pressing SHIFT and ENTER that will start a new message.

Special text options!: 6 including normal.

- All Big - All caps
- Backwards - Backwards text
- Scrambled - Mixed up text
- Wacky - lIkE tHiS
- Expand - L i k e t h i s
- Normal - The Boring ol' reguler text

downloads: 813475
views: 40491
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