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name: MSN Color Changer 2.0
rating:   3.06 / 5
description: Read Me

Thank you for downloading MSN Color Changer 5.0 from 9InchWorM Software.
9InchWorM is a trademark name for Brendan Thomas.
This file is freeware, and must not be SOLD to anybody (living or dead).
If you have bought this for any money, then please contact 9InchWorM at - Email: nineinchworm@hotmail.com


System Requirements

Windows OS 95/98/2000/ME
MSN Messenger 5.0
Visual Basic RunTime Files



This program, allows you to change the font color in your MSN IM Window,
To any color, you choose.
Pick a color, from our verious options, then click "Apply"
And watch your font color change.


Files included



downloads: 6119
views: 21382
author: bface
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