Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete Floor Polishing in Atlanta GA or Carpets?

Looking for concrete floor polishing in Atlanta Ga? Are you tired of your carpets and are looking for something different? Then expose that concrete. The great thing about a polished concrete floor is that you do not need to worry about replacing you carpet every few years.


Proper concrete floor polishing in Atlanta Ga will give you years of beauty and service. They are tough and can take lots of abuse. Those accidental coffee spill are not going to scare you anymore. With a simple wipe, your night mare is over.

It is important to know what to expect and what kind of results you can achieve. Getting residential concrete floor polishing in Atlanta Ga, while beautiful, can be quite costly depending on what the contractor needs to deal with.

If there are not too many imperfections, in order to get a polished concrete floor, just a simple grinding may be needed. Depending on the size, this may take the entire day or even longer .

The problem will occur If your floors are not level. The contractor may need to pour self leveling concrete in order to fix the problem. Sometimes, if the leveling is minor, the concrete floor polishing contractor may pour multiple layers of epoxy resins in order to get the desired result.

Some consumers sometimes feel that instead of replacing, they may get their underlying concrete floor polished in order to save on costs. This will not probably work as polished concrete floors cost significantly more than a cheap carpet. It is really going to depend on your tastes and on your wallet. If you don’t want to spend too much money, just buy a cheap carpet from one of the local depots. If you truly want an aesthetically beautiful look, then don’t cut corners and hire an expert in Atlanta Georgia that specializes in concrete floor polishing.

What you love about at concrete floor is how easy it is to clean and maintain. That is a far cry from any type of carpet that you may have. Even carpets with Scotch guard are not as easy to clean as a polished concrete floor.

Also, you can pick a variety of colors and designs. Now how good those are really depends on the artistic ability of the contractor. Make sure you take a look at previous work before you go down this road. An incorrectly done concrete floor will cost you much more in the future as you will need to floor ground down again and redone.

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