Oil Tank Removal

Oil Tank Removal and Leaks. Should You Worry?

For many years it was common to have an oil tank on a person’s property to provide fuel on demand. Typically an oil tank can last approximately 15 to 20 years. However, depending on the tank, it can become corroded or start leaking over a shorter period of time requiring oil tank removal.


Oil Tank Removal Westchester NY

Oil Tank Removal in Westchester

A leaking oil tank can affect the surrounding soil and can sometimes require decontamination, which is very expensive. If you notice any damp spots or odors around the tank, having it checked out by an oil tank removal in Westchester company is a good idea. Another aspect of a leaking oil tank is the reduction in energy performance.

When it is determined by an oil tank removal at Westchester company that a tank must be removed there are certain requirements they must follow.

These include:

  • Being licensed for oil tank removal at Westchester


  • Pumping out the tank’s contents


  • Using a backhoe for digging if possible, otherwise, hand digging may be necessary


  • Obtain a permit from local authorities


Soil Remediation in Westchester Requirements

In some locations, it is required that the soil surrounding a removed oil tank be checked for decontaminated. This occurs when there has been a leakage. Contaminated soil is considered a health risk due to vapors from contaminants and possible contamination of water supplies located in the soil.

A soil remediation in Westchester professional can examine the soil and determine if a problem exists. Fortunately, many times it is found that only a small amount of the soil has become contaminated. In this case, it is possible to easily excavate the contaminated soil and move it to a suitable site.

If the site affected involves a large area, the soil remediation in Westchester company will have to follow specific guidelines for removal. In the latter case, soil decontamination can become expensive.


Replacing Your Oil Tank

An oil tank replacement in Westchester contractor will be able to offer you a number of options for replacing your tank. This service includes the removal of the old tank and providing you with an option regarding the new tank’s size. If desired, it is possible to install storage tanks as large as 10,000 gallons.

If you are noticing odors or damp looking spots near your oil storage tank it is important to have an oil tank replacement in Westchester professional inspect the site. They will be able to make a thorough examination and determine if a new oil tank is required or if only a simple cleanup will take care of the problem.

If you have an old oil tank, replacing it will eliminate the possibility of unknown leaks. The old tank will be pumped dry and then dug out of the soil. Your oil tank replacement in Westchester company will thoroughly explain the procedure prior to beginning. Care will be taken to protect the surrounding area and, when completed, the soil is replaced and smoothed over.